The Foundations of Normativity Workshop, hosted by the University of Edinburgh, showcases new work on the nature and source of laws, rules, and norms.

The 2018 workshop focused on contemporary moral epistemology. It took place on June 14 & 15, 2018, in Room 3.10/11, Dugald Stewart Building. Our keynote speakers were Justin Clarke-Doane (Columbia), Sarah McGrath (Princeton) and Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge). The workshop also featured invited contributions by Max Lewis (UPenn), Evgenia Mylonaki (Athens & College Year in Athens), Jared Riggs (Toronto), and Chelsea Rosenthal (NYU).

For the full schedule, click here. Sessions were all pre-read; participants were expected to have read the papers in advance.

This workshop was hosted by the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, with generous support from the Analysis Trust, the Aristotelian Society, the Eidyn Research Centre, the Mind Association, and the Scots Philosophical Association.

The FoN4 workshop was organised by Silvan Wittwer and Matthew Chrisman.